Is it 2008 again already?

A screenshot of the Mac App Store showing MarsEdit 4, MindNode 5, Pixelmator Pro, and Scrivener 3.

I just opened the Mac App Store and wondered whether I somehow time-traveled almost ten years into the past.

According to Wikipedia, the original version of Scrivener was released on 20 January 2007. MarsEdit 2.0, the first version I ever used, was released in September 2007, and Pixelmator’s initial release came toward the end of the same month. I had to do a little digging for this one, but MindNode’s first release happened on March 15, 2008.

The discovery of indie software was one of the things that made me really fall in love with my first PowerBook, and it’s fantastic to see these brilliant apps still receiving brand new releases 10 years later. (I’m writing this post in MarsEdit 4, of course.)

Go check ’em out.


Goodbye, and hello again.

I finally threw out my old Middleman site and put up a new version backed by WordPress.

This is mostly a placeholder until I have more to say.

It’s good to be back.